DVLA Theory Test Numbers and Information

DVLA Theory Test Contact Number: 0300 200 1122

eMail them if you need at: customercare@pearson.com

If you are in the NI and need help booking theory test, call: 0345 600 6700 or this number: 0300 200 1166 if you are from the NI and you having hearing problems.

Fax Number (NI): 0870 0104 372 – Use this fax in order to send the appliction affter you finish with it.


You need to take a DVLA theory test if you already have a provisional licence and you wish to apply for a full driving licence. This test has two parts, which are the multiple choice questions and the hazard perception test. After taking the multiple choice questions, you would immediately go to the second part, which is the hazard perception test. You need to pass both of these tests so you could apply to take the driving test and get your full driving licence.
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Booking of the DVLA theory test must be done so you could get a schedule on when you could take the examination. There is the option to make your booking online or this could also be done via email or by calling DVLA support over the phone.

How to Book a Theory Test with DVLA

In order to book your DVLA theory test online, go to https://wsr.theorytest.direct.gov.uk/testtaker/signin/SignInPage/DSA?locale=en_GB. Enter the information needed on the page including your surname, first name, driving licence number and date of birth. Click the “login” button in order to continue and start with the test booking.
You could also make your test booking via email by sending a message to customercare@pearson.com. If you don’t have an email, another way to do this is over the phone. Dial the theory test booking service number 0300 200 1122 to speak with a representative that could help you with this matter. The line is open from 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Checking, Canceling and Changing Booking Details

When you book for a theory test with DVLA, you would receive an email confirmation that contains the details for your test including the date and time when you would take it, as well as the address of the testing centre where the test would take place. In case you accidentally deleted this email and you forgot these details, you could check the information online by going to https://www.gov.uk/check-theory-test.
You could also change the details for your test booking including changing the date and make it later or earlier than the original schedule, and changing the test centre where it would take place. If you wish to cancel the test, you may go to https://www.gov.uk/cancel-theory-test. Changes on the booking details must be done at least within three working days to avoid paying again. This is also true with the cancelation so you could get a full refund of what you’ve paid for the booking.

Things to Bring on the Exam

DVLA Live Theory Test
Make sure to bring the requirements on your test because if you don’t, the test would be canceled, but you will not be refunded for it. Bring your photocard driving licence with you to the testing centre. If you still have a paper license, you could bring this and a valid passport. If you had a photocard driving license but lost it, you could request for a replacement by going to this site. In case you have a paper license but you don’t have a valid passport, then you must apply for a photocard license on this link.
If you passed the theory test, you have a couple of years to take the driving test. You would need to retake the theory test if you didn’t take the driving test within two years of passing it.

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