Statutory off road notification

Sorn Number making a SORN is by phone. Call 0300 123 4321 and let them know about your concerns. Appropriate charges would be incurred for this call.

Vehicle owners are required to tax and insure their cars if using them on public roads in UK. Not taxing your vehicle and driving it without auto insurance has its corresponding fines. If you decide not to use your vehicle on public roads, like you’re keeping it in your garage or you’re only using it on a private property, then you may apply for a DVLA SORN or Statutory Off Road Notification so your vehicle wouldn’t be taxed and you wouldn’t be fined too for not having an auto insurance.
You would also need to make a DVLA SORN if you’re planning to scrap your vehicle. Another situation when you would need to apply for this is if you purchased a vehicle and you don’t plan to drive it on public roads yet. Even if you purchased a second hand vehicle and the previous owner already applied for a SORN, you still need to apply one for yourself as the new owner as SORN is not transferrable.

There are various ways on how you can apply for a DVLA SORN. This can be done online, by post or by phone, whichever is most convenient for you. We’ll got through each of these methods below.
Make a SORN Online In order to apply for a SORN online, you would need either your V11 reference number or V5C reference number. Go to to start your online SORN application. Enter the 16-digit reference number on your V11 reminder and click continue. If you don’t have this, click the link that says “I don’t have the V11 reminder, just the registration certificate or new keeper supplement”. Choose if you’re an existing keeper or new keeper and click “Continue”. Follow the onscreen instructions to finish the SORN application.

Make a SORN by Post

If the vehicle is still registered under another person’s name or you just registered the vehicle and you already have the V5C registration certificate for the month, you could apply for a SORN by post. Fill up the SORN application form or the V890 form that you could download here and send it to the following address:
DVLA Swansea SA99 1AR
If traveling out of the country, you could apply for a SORN a couple of months prior to your trip. Include a letter explaining about your situation. In case the vehicle is not yet registered in your name, fill in the appropriate part on your V5C and send it together with your V890 form. If you don’t have V5C yet, you must download the V62 form, fill in the details required and send it to the DVLA together with the V890 form. Note that there’s a fee for processing the V62 form.

Motor traders such as motor auctioneers, motor dealers, vehicle insurer and vehicle dismantler are not exempted for making a SORN.

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