DVLA Personalised Number Plates

Personalised Number Plate

DVLA Personalised Number Plates Contact Number: 0300 123 0883

If you don’t want to get a random plate number for your vehicle, DVLA personalised number plates are available. DVLA Personalised Registrations has a site where you could search for over 45 million of registrations for sale. You could search for the initials that you wish to be included in your plate number on their site at http://dvlaregistrations.direct.gov.uk/ and choose from the available results. You would also see how much the personalised registrations would cost. The amount that you would be paying would already include VAT, as well as an assignment fee of £80. This assignment fee would give you the right to assign the personalised registration to your vehicle or another person’s vehicle. They also hold auctions six times a year. You could check the auction dates, as well as the numbers to be auctioned on their site. If you wish to make a reservation for the auction, you could pay a fee of £130.

Different Types of Registration Numbers

There are different types of registration numbers that are offered by the DVLA Personalised Registrations department. The current style is for vehicles registered from September 2001 and it’s composed of two letters, two numbers and three letters in the end (example: AB24 CDE).
Another type is the prefix, which was given to new vehicles from August 1983 to August 2001. This one has one letter, one to three numbers and three letters in the end (example: A246 BCD). Suffix is another type of registration available from the site. It’s for new vehicles from February 1963 to July 1983. This registration number has three letters, one to three numbers and one letter in the end (example: BCD 246A) and it’s only sold in auctions. The last type is the dateless registration, which was given to vehicles before February 1963. It may contain up to four letters then up to four numbers or the other way around (example: ABC 123 or 123 ABC).
Registration Number Plate Parts
If you can’t find any registration number that you like from the available numbers from DVLA’s site, you may contact them via email through their email online form. You may also call them at 0300 123 0883. They are open from 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday. If you wish to send them a letter, you may do so by sending it to this address: DVLA Personalised Registrations, Swansea, SA99 1DN. Let them know the specific registration number that you wish to get and they’ll get back to you to see what they can do.

Registration Number Assignment

After purchasing a personalised registration number, a Certificate of Entitlement (V750) will be sent to you within a couple of weeks of purchase or also a couple of weeks after your payment has been cleared if purchased through the auction. You need to assign the registration number that you purchased to a vehicle with DVLA prior to the expiration date that appears on the certificate. You can do this online by going to this link. DVLA may or may not inspect your vehicle. If they do, they would contact you to let you know about it.
You should receive the V5C or certificate of registration within two weeks of application. However, this could take longer, depending on the circumstances, like the need for vehicle inspection. If it has already been over eight weeks and you haven’t received your V5C, then it’s best to contact DVLA to let them know about it. You may call them at this number 0300 790 6802 and let them know about that you don’t have your V5C yet. Once you have your registration certificate, you may now have your new plate made, but you should only hire a supplier that’s registered to make these plates. You could use this personalised plate supplier finder to find one near you. Just enter your postcode and click the find button to see the result.
Even if you already received the Certificate of Entitlement (V750) after purchasing a personalised registration, you shouldn’t use the plate in your vehicle until you receive your new V5C certificate, which you would get after assigning the registration number to your vehicle. If you to decide not to use the registration number on your vehicle, you could refund the £80.00 for the assignment fee. The Certificate of Entitlement (V750) has sections 4 and 6 that you need to fill up for this. You then send it to DVLA.

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