DVLA MOT Test Booking and Result

mot certificate

DVLA MOT Contact Number: 0300 123 9000

Vehicle owners are required to get a DVLA MOT certificate on the third year of the registration of the vehicle. After this first testing, DVLA MOT test must be taken annually. This is to ensure that vehicles are in good condition when they are driven on the road and that they do not pose risks to the environment. Some vehicles are required to take this test on the first year of their registration, although it’s after three years most of the time. There are also vehicles that are exempted from being tested, including those that are used for carrying goods and are run by electricity, tractors, and motorcycles and cars that were built before 1960. If it’s the third year after registering your vehicle or it has been a year after your first MOT, then you should get your MOT certificate again on or before your renewal date.

Booking a MOT Test

mot certificate

The earliest that you could book a MOT test is a month and a day before your renewal date. For instance, if your MOT renewal date is March 8, you may book for a MOT test as early as February 9. You may get your vehicle tested earlier than this, but your renewal date would be changed if you do so. MOT must only be done on DVLA approved MOT centres. A list of all these centres is available for download here. These centres must carry the blue sign that also has three triangles. Having this sign means that they are eligible to carry out MOT test. Contact the MOT centre of your choice for a booking. Do not drive a vehicle if it doesn’t have a valid DVLA MOT certificate yet because you could pay up to £1,000 if you were caught.

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If you’re not sure about the expiration of your MOT certificate or you’re not even sure if the vehicle has one, use this online service to check this information. Enter the registration number and vehicle make on the appropriate field. You may also enter the V5C reference number if you also want to see the tax rate and latest V5C date of the vehicle. There’s a maximum fee that MOT centres could charge depending on the type of vehicle and you’ll find the details at https://www.gov.uk/getting-an-mot/mot-test-fees. The tester would check various parts of your vehicle to ensure legal standards are met.

Result of MOT Testing

If your vehicle passed the MOT testing, the test centre would give you a MOT certificate and this will be recorded on the database of DVLA. The certificate would show the current mileage of your vehicle, as well as the three tests previously passed. If the vehicle didn’t pass the test, the test centre would give you a refusal of an MOT test certificate and this would also be recorded on DVLA’s database. If you still have a valid MOT certificate, you may drive the vehicle with you.
However, if you failed the MOT testing and your current certificate is no longer valid, you may still take it with you to have the problems fixed or to take it on a set MOT testing. The test centre would let you know what parts need to be repaired. Once repair is complete, have your vehicle tested again to get your MOT certificate.

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